2k17 MT Coins react more efficiently

  • On the court, you’ll locate a significant but satisfying difficult task, on higher difficulties especially. No longer can some sort of speedy point guard such as Sophie Curry rely almost entirely on speed; you need to established your defenders, using the many considerable tools in in the arsenal to free up and get a shot off. Defensively, you’ll see offensive player moves more easily, allowing you to 2k17 MT Coins react more efficiently; offensively, you’ll see the same things, gaining a better (and more satisfying) indication of exactly when you’ve beaten your man. Superstars benefit most from the adjustments; there’s nothing more fun than manhandling the computer A. I. with Kobe Bryant or LeBron James.

    Besides the aesthetics, there have been numerous tweaks in terms of gameplay and it results in some impressive end to end action. The AI is improved, as are the physics. Attacking is intuitive and within minutes of picking up the controller you’ll be bombing down the court, creating vital space and then slamming the ball into the basket with aplomb.


    The new Shot Meter that sits beneath each player is a welcome addition too, offering some visual feedback as to when is best to release the ball for a shot - although you may find you spend your time looking at your players’ feet to nba 2k17 mt xbox one see the guide rather than your team mates and what is happening around the rest of the court.