2k17 MT Coins much more personalized

  • With the use of 2k17 MT Coins much more personalized animations for each player (especially superstars), 2K16 does a great job of making the players feel like their real-life counterpart. Personally, I don’t love the new system. While the meter removes the necessity of learning each player’s individual release, like it had been in the prior games, looking at the meter distracts the gamer from the artistic beauty of the new shooting strokes. Additionally , without having to understand how to read and time a player’s release, less skilled gamers have it significantly easier this time around.


    Having heard many of last year's complaints, Visual Concepts has completely overhauled MyGM mode, making crucial functions like the ability to set lineups and minutes available from the start. It's still possible to buy GM levels using VC, but it's framed more as a boost. Leveling up now has the benefit of unlocking various perks, such as the ability to negotiate more effectively with potential free agents, with XP being earned by winning games or completing trades.


    Player introductions return to the series for nba 2k17 mt xbox one the first time in roughly a decade. Despite occasional pixelation involving spotlights in NBA 2K17, the lineup introductions build on the anticipation created by the pre-game show. The pre-game presentation passes the baton to the in-game broadcast team, but they stumble. The game jumps abruptly from player introductions to tip-off, without the commentators doing much to introduce the occasion. It's a design decision which hurts the game’s flow and immersion.