The 2k17 MT Coins Pro-Am will often pair

  • The 5v5 team-based mode, it really is much more elegant than final year's rather clunky equal, where you would literally have to wait in line to get into a game. When it's working correctly - the mode has its own problematic bugs - this quickly pairs you along with nba 2k17 mt xbox one four other random gamers for a game of pick-up basketball, which is a blast to try out when it's going well.

    It's the 1 mode where you can truly showcase your stick skills like a player, faking out defenders will all manner of sneaking moves en route to the basket. If you're seriously interested in the mode, though, you might want to get some friends together.


    The 2k17 MT Coins Pro-Am will often pair random pickup groups against established teams, and the results are frequently messy for the random players. Even if it has its problems, although, it's a solid step up through last year's options in this this year's mode is only one that I actually want to play on event.