Fans of buy mt nba 2k17 both teams

  • Today, the final is not to play, fans of buy mt nba 2k17 both teams was the first to begin the struggle. In terms of popularity, the two teams is too close, so far, there are already 15 million people vote, the two sides virtually tied, the Cavaliers with 52 percent advantage lead slightly, but the files is not stable and may get ready to lead the Warriors.

    Meant for Cavaliers, the main reason is because right now there have James, as one supporter put it: "Everyone has the thought of nostalgia, like Kobe Bryant, we miss Michael Jordan, James about it, you miss Kobe Bryant, now the Curry play excellently and everyone began to miss James, after a few years there will likely be a lot of stars, perhaps a lot of people will miss Curry, why do we always think in the past than it is now powerful players, because they represent our youth. "

    Cleveland fans also made Cheap NBA 2k17 MT a vivid metaphor, Cavaliers is entirely Avengers, James is Hulk, Carrefour is Thor, Owen is actually Iron Man, Frye is actually Hawkeye, Jefferson is Captain America, Della is Spider-man, JR is the ant individuals, they want collective action, perform 'splash brothers' of these 2 alien monsters, assembled Avengers.