Answering the following in order 2k17 MT Points

  • Putting in “PAYRESPECT” might unlock the ABA Ball, “SHOOT2MUCH500” for 500 Virtual Currency, “#2KTVPOSTSEASON” for 1, 000 Virtual Currency, “BETTERTHANAGIFTCARD” for 2, 000 Virtual Currency, “MYSTERY” for a random item, “2KTVHEYGUYS” for 2K TV Shirt, “PARKSWAG” for 500 Virtual Currency, “KEEPTHECHANGE” for 750 Virtual Currency, and “IWATCHEDNBA2KTV” for 1, 000 Virtual Currency.Players can also go to 2KTV in the NBA 2K17 mobile companion app and answer the questions that will be asked after the video finishes. Answering the following in order 2k17 MT Points: Any Answer, Mismatch, Toronto All-Star Weekend, #32, Any Answer, Any Answer, 18. 3 ppg, 2012 with NBA 2K13, Any Answer.

    Right answers will give players Locker Codes that they can use in NBA 2K17. To get easy Locker Code, players can avail of the two Ruffle bags promo that they can purchase in Walmart. Locker Codes for NBA 2K17 will be timed so players just stay tuned and keep checking NBA 2K17’s Reddit page, Facebook, and Twitter for updates. Locker codes are a great way to get additional customization options for your MyPlayer without having to spend Virtual Currency. New accessories and tattoos can be pretty expensive, so it’s good to have an alternative way of getting them. The best part is, you can expect new codes at random intervals at least until the next game in the series is released.

    Compared to its processors, discount NBA 2K17 MT for PS4 comes with more player badges, but a number of MyPark Badges are so well-hidden that it takes a bit of precision in getting them. These badges varies in ranks and effects on the player.