This complaint had a ton of validity in NBA 2K16

  •  This complaint had a ton of validity in NBA 2K16 where the lead character's entire family was black. The decision to use a white character in the trailer might have been made to show the MyCareer journey in NBA 2K17 is one that can be realistically had by a person of any race. NBA 2K17 MT Coins The President is surrounded by a multi-cultured group in the trailer, thus the mode should be more inclusive this year. One thing has become all the more noticeable every time a form of MyCareer media is released; We're looking at the same create-a-player options from the past four or five versions of the game. The trailer doesn't appear to use a scanned face, which is a little peculiar. It instead uses a traditional created player head. If you've created as many players in NBA 2K games as I have over the past five years, NBA 2K17 Coins you know a CAP when you see one. Ideally, you'd love to see a suite that gave you the options to make it almost impossible to tell the difference between a CAP and a real developer-generated player. It doesn't appear as though we're there just yet with this series. Nonetheless, it's great to see fans getting choices again in MyCareer. We look to be set for another deep NBA 2K experience. Aside from the gifted young lady singing the National Anthem, here's the three things that stood out most to me. NBA MT Coins Expanding the amount of body types available in the game was probably one of the most requested features from fans after NBA 2K16. Last year, there were about three and not all of them were distributed properly. In this trailer it appears that Kevin Durant, Draymond Green, David Robinson and Charles Barkley all have distinguishable physical traits that set them apart. As you can see from the image above, KD is appropriately thin.