The game itself is pretty fun

  • Actually, the game itself is pretty fun, but It's kind of slow, especially when you re in a fourperson game. That s if you can even get in a game at all the lobbies are very sparse, and online players of the game are far and few between. Maybe about 30% of my attempts to get online were unsuccessful, and any successful attempt involved at least a five to 10 minute wait for someone else to appear. Old School RS Gold The only one time I managed to get into a four player game, it took so long that I got bored and quit half way through. Why on earth there s no local vs CPU mode for this game is beyond me. That said, a twoplayer game moved quick enough to keep my attention, and was fairly enjoyable. It's a simple game once you ve got into it, but unless you check out the how to play section first, You'll have absolutely no idea what on earth is going on.Edit: since posting this review, a local versus CPU mode has been added to Monopoly Deal, RS 07 Gold which makes the game much more accessible in lieu of it's dead online mode!Beth s been waiting 15 minutes for her turn because Damien went to the bathroom. The bulk of the game itself, the whole reason anyone is buying it Monopoly Plus is pretty standard. It's Monopoly, so it does what It'says on the tin. I've yet to see where the Plus part of the name comes into it, however. You can choose a couple of different boards a classic style 3D gameboard or an animated 3D board with actual buildings, Cheap RS Gold and the disc came with the bonus of a Rabbids themed board which is essentially the same as the standard gameboard but with some Rabbids imagery thrown in for good measure. You can also use the gameboards you ve created in My Monopoly .There s a few different sets of game rules you can choose from the standard, the threedice speed mode, build without sets, Free Parking rule, double moolah if you land on GO, and a couple others. One massive oversight though is that you can t customise them. It's either one or the other.