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  • This is an interesting year for Nintendo, as the company begins its headlongplunge into the mobile business. A year from now, the company will have five mobile games on the market though there's just one, Miitomo,outnow and a new console, the NX, will have just releasedin March 2017. RS Gold In the face of all this, company president Tatsumi Kimishima is still cagey about the company's nearterm future and doesn't seem to want to divulge details of those businesses until they're more fully realized.With that in mind, we've grabbed the most interestng info from the company's most recent investor Q'ampA and rounded it up for you.What's up with Miitomo?


    Miitomo is the company's only mobile app right now, and it's a bit of an odd duck. That didn't stop investors from querying Kimishima on its success. The company reported that it has crossed 10 million downloads, but that's about all the data it wants to share.We will not be releasing statistical data such as DAU daily active user numbers, Kimishima told investors. As you are well aware, all kinds of ranking information exists for smart device applications, so I will refer you to those. If you look at them and estimate the inapp purchase revenue, I think it will not be too far off from reality.It seems we'll have to rely on thirdparty analyses of the title's Old School RS Gold performance, then, like a popular one from a SurveyMonkey analyst, which pegged its revenue at $280,000 a week at least early on.How about the smartphone business in general?In the past, Kimishima has made much of the company's goals for My Nintendo, its new membership and reward service. But he wasn't any more open about how it's performed since its launch alongside Miitomo.


    The company's attitude toward sharing data can be summed up by the belowgraph from its investor presentation which really only communicates memberships are rising, and we expect them to continue to do so as we launch more mobile games. In the graph just presented, there were no numbers, Cheap RS Gold but you could see the increase in the number of My Nintendo members, Kimishima said. That doesn't clear much up, unfortunately.One investor questioned Nintendo'scommitment to smartphone apps a fairly common refrain. The company has sent out mixed messages on the topic. On one hand, the companyplans to use its star IP Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem are coming to mobilenext but has also said that Nintendo's mobile games are designed to push players toward its console business.