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  • Franck Muller: The new Vanguard Women's Watch

    Franck Muller, the luxury watch brand, has launched two new women's watches that are said to combine modern design with classic watchmaking.FRANCK MULLER Vanguard Yachting replica

    The Pioneer Lady Tudor Gravity was collected at the vanguard of the first flywheel Frank Muller and features a manual winding caliber FM L0, which is significantly smaller and thinner than its predecessor.

    Pink has been widely used, including tourbillon brides made of anodized aluminum, while the straps and oversized figures also reflect the color.

    At the Pioneer V38 heart skeleton, at the same time, with a striking heart is formed into a hollow, hand-wound calibre bridge that is available in steel or rose gold. The red alligator strap echoes the red details on the bridge and crown.

    At the end of last year, this luxury watch replica brand updated its famous Franck Muller yacht collection, inspired by the depths of the ocean and decorated with nautical details to pay tribute to our fascinating ocean.

    Franck Muller watch – not Frank Miller! – Pioneer, conqueror, crazy moment...

    He is looking at your style.

    Franck Muller, I mean Miller, I mean Muller! [Opening music] Franck Muller is like this, not what most people call Frank Miller. I don't know why people call me and ask me questions about Frank Miller. Guys, Frank Miller is a comic book writer. He has nothing to do with the watch, but I can
    See its confusion and how to ignore the brand.

    Therefore, Franck Muller is a brand that will hurt a bit in everyone in the watch industry. Do you know? There are a lot of them, I want to say success, because they did sell a lot, and they did.... They were very popular at some point, and that was the Frank Muller conqueror.

    Then they had the King Conqueror and other things like that, but then they had another famous model, that is, Franck Muller's "Crazy Time." It seems that these watches were very popular in the late 1990s and early 2000s and have this trend. I may be wrong, but I think their first watch that thinks of keeping the barrel, the rectangular case, has now exceeded the excessive hit like Richard Miller, or the Richard Miller brand, regardless of What do you want to call it. I don't care. They are the first watches I think these cases are designed to be mainstream luxury. The problem is that the action has just finished (squeaking).Urwerk UR-106 Lotus

    I mean, if you once shouted one of these words into and out of the conqueror, I don't know men, I mean, you know what happened to the brand there, somewhere along that line, they A large-scale dive was carried out. Today, even with a ten-foot-high pole, it's hard to get to touch Frank Muller. Guys, I am just talking about the facts that happened. I am not trying to encourage anyone to think. This is the truth, ok? In the past five years, if you always wanted to sell your own old Franck Muller, you will notice.

    This is what everyone wants to tell you. Just like you want to bring them a black death. Just like you want to bring it, this is the kiss of death! The second time you brought one of the conquerors, especially Crazy Hours, though, I have a client not long ago.
    Come in with a watch, from a distance I think, `` Dude, this is really great. What is that watch? He left, ``oh, that is Franck Muller. ''
    I said, ``What? ! ? ''A little surprised me, actually this is these
    One of the Frank Muller vanguards, like this, but it has a very good nautical theme because it is blue inside. Blue strap, blue strap highlights lighter
    Rubber exterior. Aroused my attention.

    I mean I look at it, it feels a bit like, ``Oh, damn it, damn it! ''Not fully convinced, but I immediately realized that, okay, this is another matter. So now, in 2016 and 17 years, they have this new production line coming out, which is different. The action is better. I have read some comments and materials that may just be misleading. I have read a few comments, for example, the Franck Muller Vanguard Skeleton chronograph is rose gold. I don't know what other internal exercises you want to attach. I mean, I said it out loud. I saw the ETA stamp. I mean, it looks very much like the movement of today's very popular brand, starting with ``H''. It looks exactly the same as it is, but the rotor is different. But in any case, it is an upgrade to the previous model.

    This is very high compared to other brands, but it does not go beyond the left field in today's standards. You know how I feel. If you want to buy one of these watches, it will be a cheap deal. I will be second hand. I will be addicted to such things and then beat it. Only time will tell the overall picture of these new Vanguard series and Franck Muller. There are many stories. You can study it. This is a public record.

    Ten years ago, the brand was highly controversial. I think their attack on the gray market is too strong, I think it just collapsed. People just transfer to other things, do you know? But this special is stainless steel. very beautiful. As far as watching the game, I still don't know how I feel. I think it is still training time with the big boys. But I think I will use this brand to touch this topic, because I have told me, `` comment on Franck Muller, then in my mind, I think, ``no, I No! There is nothing to say about the conqueror.

    I mean, some of the rappers are still wearing it, and my opinion is to stuff it in and stuff it into the ice. Don't wear it! It happened. This happened to all of us. We all bought watches, and we will regret it later. This is my opinion on those models, but for these new models, I think it is worth mentioning and talking about it. They are very handsome. Now, for the brand, I will be cautious. That is our current position. In the future, as the brand develops, I will continue to move forward and will comment more on this.