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    HYT watch: tabulation with nanotechnology convergence

    HYT H1 148-TT-11-GF-LC Replica watch.Modern watch workshop has changed from "factory-like" appearance to something more like "science lab". You may not see those who look like workers on the floor of the people. But you may come across some white coat doctors. Some brands like Urwerk and MB & F completely divide the concept of the watch industry into different areas. However, there is still a brand, a brand so unique, it has been able to in this superb high-end tabulation in the world to dig out its advantages. Ladies and gentlemen, look at HYT watches. If I bring a person who does not understand the watch to the workshop, I will not blame the person, that the person who works at HYT is a scientist who has cured the ZIKA virus. The level of technological progress achieved is staggering. we simply sum up HYT, that is - hydraulic mechanical watches. Hydro appeared prominently in HYT creation. why? Because HYT has been able to conquer one of the largest enemies of mankind, water. It is not fresh to describe the time with water. What is new, this concept has never been applied to watches / watches. Patrick Berdoz, co-founder of the co-founder, said it was a very good opportunity to introduce HYT with his trusted team, including Lucien Vouillamoz, a nuclear engineer who developed innovative fluid systems. Is a watch brand, there is the production of hydraulic machinery watches and clocks.

    The brand's circuit behind the circuit is two non-uniform liquids that flow out of the bellows, through the mechanical movement of the capillary flow, specifying the time on the dial. If there is no HYT sisters concerned about the brand Preciflex's help, a complex, innovative system is not possible, it manufactures liquid indicating devices for medical, design and automotive fields (a true scientific company to provide technical solutions). Both companies are chaired by Berdoz. A symbol of 2012 as the birth of the brand, in the senior watch world has long established its name.Hublot Masterpiece MP Replica Watches

    We brought you HYT 2017 series. Please see your comments on the brand in the comments section and how it is compared to Urwerk and MB & F.

    HYT skull series, HYT H 0 series, HYT H1 series, HYT H2 series, HYT H3 series, HYT H4 series.



    HYT liquid is also in the air!luxury Replica watches men

    With H2 AVIATOR, HYT offers an inspiration from the creation of aviation. Its obvious performance is the dial center red second hand score, and there are more ...

    For example, the pump is set to "V", green and yellow fluid is also inspired by the aviation industry, and the tape is made of Kevlar, which is very durable material. When the temperature changes, Kevlar will not fluctuate, which is another relationship with the overall concept. Oh, by the way, there is a temperature indicator at 9 o'clock!

    Sports is wonderful! At 12 o'clock you can see the balance wheel, it really for HYT watches provide a new visual effect. In addition to retrograde time, you have jump time, titanium alloy case there are many complications.

    "HNR" (hour - neutral - reverse) informs you of the crown position, 2 barrels offer 8 days of power reserve.

    Done so well! HYT.Richard Mille replica Watches




    Urwerk UR-105 T-Rex watch

    Cheap Urwerk UR-203 Black PE-CVD-Coated watch.Urwerk was founded in 1995 by Felix and Thomas Baumgartner brothers and has been recognized for years with its unusually and boldly designed watches. Their first major version was UR-103 in 2003. UR-103 is noteworthy because it combines several decades of roaming time complications with a truly avant-garde case design, unlike anything that was available at the time. UR-103 will lay the foundation for the subsequent UR-105 and the subsequent Urwerk UR-105 T-Rex.

    Over the past few years, the Urwerk UR-105 has become the most interesting watch for some of Urwerk's canvas. In 2015, we saw the Urwerk UR-105 TA, which appeared in a variety of eye-catching colors. And recently there are UR-105 Raging Gold watches. However, in all the different versions of UR-105, the Urwerk UR-105 T-Rex is probably the most interesting and fascinating.

    fashion cheap watches for sale.A large part of which is related to the case. The shape of the UR-105 is quite unconventional, but the Urwerk UR-105 T-Rex goes further by using bronze, and the case completes the view of the popular Parisian pattern of Barcelona. The texture originates from the small pointed triangle at the top of the box, which becomes larger as the pattern changes downwards and eventually reaches the pyramid of the flat roof. But it does not stop there because the bronze case is then deliberately broken and handmade to create a very rugged and worn appearance. As far as I know, this process is very laborious, requires processing, sandblasting, sandblasting and oxidation steps, all of which are in some really extensive manual processing before.

    In the flesh, the Urwerk UR-105 T-Rex is a visually arrested watch. It was a fairly big watch starting at 39.5mm wide, 53mm from ear to ear, almost 17mm thick, but exquisite finished copper box was the real highlight here. After all the extensive hand-made work, the bronze performance showed a dark green tones, which is very special, and I see other bronze different. It reminds me of the faded brass candlesticks you sometimes see in Buddhist


    For my eyes, the name of the watch is immediately obvious. Unique jeans pattern immediately awakened my Tyrrell Rex's scales, or at least I imagined a "T-Rex" look. From a distance, the raised pattern is as easy as the reptile scales, but more importantly it is a very unique and attractive appearance.

    Cheap Hublot masterpiece mp-05 ferrari watch.The time is read by the hole at the bottom of the shell. Digital and minute tracks painted in bright green super LumiNova. These times are in the hands of the roaming satellite, and the minutes are read simply by looking at the location of the roaming hour satellite associated with the minute track. For example, in the above photo, the time is 10:17. Once you get it, it's really easy to tell the time.

    The Urwerk UR-105 T-Rex case is quite less exciting and looks more or less like the standard UR-105 watch. But keep in mind that your standard UR-105 watch does not look like any other watch. Here, the back is made of titanium coated with black ceramic. And you see two turbines near the crown, by the way, they have the same Ubud pattern as bronze. Close to the bottom, there is a winding bar can adjust the winding efficiency of the watch. are three settings: complete, red and stop. Completely means that the automatic winding mechanism will run at full efficiency, so even if you are relatively inactive, the watch is still able to roll up their own. Red is more active person. And stop is self-evident. To be honest, this function can not be used for any practical purpose, but on the surface is to protect the movement from extreme active influence. Owners may be happy to fly around and find out how active or inactive.

    Compared with the Urwerk UR-105 T-Rex, my only complaint is that most of the Caliber UR 5.02 movement is blurred, and the wearer is more admirable than other UR-105 models exposed to the top of the satellite system. However, I think this is a small sacrifice for the UR-105 T-Rex's eccentric and special bronze decorations.Cheap HYT Skull WATCHES