goods of bamboo floor


    5 it is to must hold to aggrandizement market to superintend, strengthen a product to pledge quantity supervisory mechanism is mixed examine detect Composite Deck Boards End Profiles orgnaization construction, increase pair of inferior man-made board production, sale, use superintendency and blow strength, ensure quality of man-made board product is safe, for industrial health development escorts the Emperor convoy.

    On August 22 afternoon, processing factory of goods of bamboo of white dragon of countryside of the Yao nationality of pond of dragon boat of big river city is in a boom composite wood for above ground pool deck with fencing is medium put into production of official start business. Institute of main leader, Changsha is stationed in this countryside Party committee, government village of village of the first secretary, white dragon raises white Long Cun two appoint team member attends practice ceremony.

    It is reported, processing factory of goods of white dragon bamboo is located in village of Bai Long of countryside of the Yao nationality of dragon boat pond, cedar tongue groove porch floor cover an area of more than mus 5, basically be treatment, make, sale bamboo goods. Of the processing factory start, the Nan bamboo that gives this village every family not only provided very good market, still let partial villager realize obtain employment in door mouth, become this village to take off deficient to become recycled composite timber deck rich key industry.