protection of the floor

  • If there is water material spilled on the ground, at ordinary times should immediately use dry cloth to wipe dry. If the condition allows, still can play a layer of floor wax intervals for a period of time to strengthen the protection of the water resistant exterior wall panel kerala . Damage of the paint surface, can use common varnish up or manufacturer to repair, please.

    In early March 2004, the Chinese consumer society announced a set of data: the complaints of consumers' association in 2003 all over the country to accept the complaints, complaints have more than 17000 pieces of building material durability of decking cap dock versus treated wood floor , rose by 21% over 2002, including wood floor complaints more than thirty percent.

    In fact, the country has begun to attaches great importance to the floor of wood of this emerging market. , deputy director of the national environment mark in jie says, in February 2004 tiber composite deck manufacturer , the general administration of quality supervision,