behavior of management lumber


    rise to carry harmful biologic to intercept and capture into condition lumber rate, enhance the specific aim that quarantine superintends, effectiveness. In addition, reform innovation is connected close mode, comprehensive implementation is connected close sheet to be changed without paper, open automatic careful sheet for the enterprise plan fee system, shortened greatly connect check pass time. wooden fence cost in ireland The company stars building from March 2016 construction, predict to built go into operation October in those days, dominant position of company product market is clear, development perspective is wide.

    manage lawfully, to all sorts of illegal treatment and the behavior of management lumber, strict according to " byelaw of Jiangxi province forest "low maintenance composite decking wait for law, code to give punishment, turn over judiciary processing what make crime lawfully.

    Up to now, the log such as North America hemlock, Hua Qisong already reached harbor of Dong Jia mouth in succession, and this department combines composite material supplier platform of each collaboration enterprise, intense in for a short while the treatment that synchronism develops log sells the work, win the make a good beginning that takes lumber industry garden hard.