Large-scale promotional activities

  • There are bathroom class Sharon, Timor - Long also launched a lot of "buy on" promotions. Second, the renovation project for the late kitchen and wall decoration and other projects, B & Q has also come up with a lot of promotional measures to help customers save money. For example, only Sidi cabinets, not only a lot of panel materials have special offers, and many are 8.5 fold discount on the price of kitchen cabinets, on this basis, the purchase of a certain number of goods and additional water basin and other gifts to send .cheap outdoor flooring

    In the wall paint, the state legislature and China Resources and other brands have different levels of concessions, where the purchase of specified products over a certain amount, there is primer, glass paint and other products presented. In the lighting, Op, Osram, Philips, NVC and other famous brands have joined the sales force.recycled plastic fence posts suppliers in scotland

    Buy Oppe ceiling lamps can be different types of Op lamp; buy OSRAM and Philips products can be a certain amount of B & Q's cash coupons, and buy Philips products over 258 yuan, will receive an additional lucky draw, have the opportunity to get value 2600 yuan Samsung silver ion drum washing machine.plastic tile flooring