Updated custom NFL iron on transfers 1

  • Wide receiver Josh Gordon has been suspended for 43 of the past 48 Cleveland Browns games.

    Now his application for readmission to the league has been turned down, though he can apply for reinstatement in the fall. His agent cut ties with him two weeks ago, according to ESPN's Josina Anderson.

    Where exactly is this ship heading? It’s hard to say, but it shouldn’t end up in Cleveland. There is a constantly updated custom NFL iron on transfers.

    The story with Gordon is not new, and it certainly is getting old.

    Gordon has tantalizing on-field talent at a Browns position of need, but he also has off-field issues that keep getting in his way. They are also getting in the team's way, and have been since 2013. That was the one season the Browns got a full taste of his ability, as he led the league with 1,646 receiving yards while playing 14 games.
    He was suspended two games that season.

    Then he was suspended 11 games in 2014.

    Then he was suspended 16 games in 2015.

    Then he was reinstated but left the team in September 2016 for rehab, so the suspension continued and he missed 16 more games.

    Now he's reapplied but was denied.

    It seems like a long time since Gordon was last in a regular-season game for the Browns. Presidential administrations have changed, kids have grown up, harvests have been collected -- more than once.