Latest Kitchen Cabinet Styles and Trends

  • Kitchens have evolved from being a dark and dingy spacethat is hidden away out of sight into the heart of the home, and a hub of activity. Nowadays, homemakers pay particular attention to the appearance of their kitchen. The cabinet plays a crucial role in enhancing both your kitchen’s appearance and its functionality. You can easily give your kitchen a new look by getting the right style of cabinets from the right brand like Brookhaven kitchen cabinets. If you are planning a makeover for your kitchen, look up the kitchen cabinet styles that will transform your kitchen into the hottest kitchen in town. (Information source: Cabinet&Designs, Inc.)


    White or Light-Colored Cabinets

    White cabinets have been a rage recently. White-themed kitchens look beautiful and pristine. White is a color that reflects light and helps in brightening the cooking space and making it airier.  White cabinets add a sophisticated and sleek look to your kitchen. You can experiment with different shades from cream to ivory, in case you don’t get standardwhite cabinets.  You can try lighter colors like pastel blues. Pastel colors help in adding a hint of color along with providing the similar benefits as white. Lighter color shades have a calming effect. They are an excellent choice if you are planning to have a themed kitchen. They are also abrilliant choice for outdoor kitchens.


    Darker Finish

    Although the white kitchen themes have been in vogue lately, you can choose darker colors for your cabinets rather than necessarily going for white. Deep shades of brown like chocolate, espresso, etc or even black, which have a regal air. You can choose any dark hue that strikes your imagination.  Darker shades are versatile and can be incorporated in both traditional and contemporary kitchen style. Using dark colors for the cabinets help in creating an elegant look that exudes an old world charm.


    Classic and Traditional Cabinet Styles

    A generous use of solid woods, majestic colors and traditional style doors and legs, the traditional style is an evergreen trend that will never go out of fashion. Traditional style kitchen cabinets use high-quality woods like maple. Use of granite and other stones along with glass helps in enhancing the whole appeal of the kitchen. Traditional and classic kitchens are timeless and charming.


    Shaker Style

    Shaker style is a contemporary style that is fit for modern and contemporary kitchens. They are considered to be the second most popular style in kitchen cabinetry behind only the traditional style of cabinets. This style has become a trend due to the popularity of minimalistic designs with more and more homemakers preferring the minimal look for their kitchens. These cabinets have simple and square paneled doors.


    Flat Panel Cabinets

    These cabinets are another contemporary kitchen cabinet designs that look chic and elegant. Glossy finish and flat panel doors of the cabinets help you to attain a sleek and modern look.


    Natural Look

    The cabinets with glazing treatment are going out of fashion as homemakers now want a textured look for their kitchen. Grainy texture showing through the brushed finish look earthy and quite stunning. The hand stained look is also getting popular among the homemakers who want aunique look for their kitchen.


    These are some of the kitchen cabinet styles that you must consider if you want a kitchen that is to become the talk of the town.