Watch Straps in Black

  • Black watch straps are the all time favourite of watchmakers and customers. Both black leather and black metal watchstraps are widely available. [Information Credit: Lars Larsen]


    There are different types of leather watch straps available in black:


    • Pull-up leather: It is natural leather and will give a grey-black shade when stretched. They come with natural grain patterns. Oil or wax coated pull-up leathers are also available in the market.
    • Full-Aniline: Another type of natural leather which is dyed by immersion. Black or brown colours are more popular.
    • Semi-Aniline: Semi-Aniline leather watch straps are generally given a two-tone appearance.
    • Pigmented: Its surface has coloured particles along with the binder.
    • Rub Off: It has two layers of colours—a base colour usually bright and a top colour (dark). The base colour shows through the dark (mainly black) colour.
    • Bi-Cast: It has a polyurethane film on the surface.


    The Classic Two-Piece Watch Strap

    The two-piece black leather strap is usually fitted with a double-ended pin. This strap can be changed from one watch to another with ease by using a spring bar tool or a pocket knife. Black coloured classic two-piece leather strap are generally used in regular wear watches. It is perhaps the most common type of leather watch strap.


    The Unique Two-Piece Watch Strap

    There are innumerable choices for a simple black leather two-piece.


    • Contrast stitching- A black coloured dial with white numbers complements a black leather strap with white contrast stitching.
    • Double ridge strap- Rectangular or square shaped dials look best with black double ridge straps. It can be worn with all types of outfits.
    • Panerai-style strap- This type of wrist watches gives a rugged look. They come with heavy-duty fittings.


    The Rally Band

    The rally band strap watch can be recognized from the large perforations on the band of the watch. It makes the strap more breathable. But it also creates a stylish appearance without being too flashy. Black and brown coloured straps are more common.


    The Bracelet

    Carbon steel bracelet straps stand out amongst gold or silver coloured stainless steel straps. These straps are made from metal and carbon alloy. They are generally black in colour. Diving watches have carbon steel bracelet straps due to their water resistant ability. Bracelet straps should fit perfectly.


    The NATO

    The NATO or G10 straps are made from nylon. They are known for affordability and are available in a wide range of colours and designs. Black coloured NATO wrist watch straps are not as flashy as the rest.


    The Zulu

    The Zulu strap adds a rugged look to the otherwise showy NATO straps. These are also made from nylon. The difference lies in the number of rings on the straps and the thickness of nylon used.


    Now that you know the type of black watch straps available on the market let’s see the benefits of purchasing a black watch strap online.


    • Suppose you do not have the showroom of the brand near your house. Thanks to its online website you can order it from anywhere in the world. Many websites have free delivery facilities.
    • Check out an authentic retail website. If you are looking for designer black straps it is best if you purchase from the brand’s website itself. You can also check out the exclusive websites.
    • The websites generally display a wide range of products for the customer to choose from.
    • The types of straps: two-piece straps, NATO or Zulu straps, bracelets are mentioned with respective images of the products.
    • The black watch straps offered on online shopping websites can be contrasted with different dials to produce a new look.
    • The pages of most of these websites can compare their products. It will help you to select the strap according to your purpose.


    Black watch straps are classic and modern at the same time. They can be worn with any type of outfits.