Top 5 Questions to Ask a Fireplace Installer before Hiring Them

  • Fireplaces nowadays is not a luxury, be it indoor or outdoor fireplaces. For every family, they have become a necessity where they can enjoy the warmth of the fire in the autumn evenings. Transform your chilly winter afternoons into warm and cozy ones with the help of a fireplace. A fireplace not just something that gives you comfort, it also adds flair to your home interiors.


    If you are prepared to cozy up to a stylish fireplace this winter, you should hire a fireplace installation service provider. There are many fireplaces that look good but do not produce much heat. According to your heating requirements, you should ask a few questions to your fireplace installation service providers. So before deciding to install a fireplace in your home, make sure that you have asked your fireplace installer the below discussed questions and have got satisfactory answers (Information Credit: The Original Flame).


    1.  Do you have a showroom or do you work independently?

    Physical presence proves the authenticity of any business. So it is important to know whether your fireplace installer has a physical fireplace showroom or not. Find someone who has products on display, and choose a fireplace after you have felt the warmth of the fire and see its flame.


    2.  Are you present online and do you have a well maintained website?

    It is also important to see whether your fireplace installer is present online or not. If they are reputed they will be visible online. And from their online site you will get all the information and their terms and conditions. Also make sure that their website is transparent enough to make you understand everything.


    3.  Do they have a license, bond and insurance?

    A company gets license only when it possesses the right skills to accomplish the job effectively and efficiently. The insurance covers any type of accident. Remember, you should not consider a company only because it holds a license. Consider other aspects too. This is because getting a license for a crook is not a big deal.


    4.  Do you hire subcontractors or you have the certification?

    During the installation of a gas fireplace, you will require a gas line that is extended or installed to your fireplace. There are many fireplace companies that attain the certification to do this work and some have subcontract with plumbers who are experts in laying the gas line. So ask your installer if they are licensed or they have subcontractors. If they have subcontractors, ask to see their license, bond and insurance before they start working in your home.


    5.  Do you only install fireplaces or service them too?

    It is always recommended to choose a fireplace installation service provider that offers both installation of fireplace and servicing. You can ask your fireplace installer if s/he is the one who offers both or only offers fireplace installation.


    If you get satisfactory answers of these questions, you can hire the fireplace installer. However, before making the decision of installing a new fireplace in your home, you have to ask a few questions to yourself. They are -

    • What style of fireplace you actually want
    • What type of gas fireplace you want direct vented or unvented
    • What heating efficiency you require
    • What your budget is and
    • What the return on investment is


    It is necessary to ask yourself the above questions because if you don’t know what you want, you will not be able to make the right choice in selecting a fireplace installation service. You can choose the right fireplace for your home or office.