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  • There’s the Meteor Storm arriving, offering up in order to 100% extra XP when compared with standard lamps as well as stars. 00: 00 UTC upon 14th June till 23: 59 UTC upon 19th June, get meteorites and room dust on Cherish Hunter, which substitute standard lamps as well as stars. These provide 33% more XP or even Bonus XP compared to standard stars or even lamps. Better however, if you rely on them on one of the lowest five abilities, the XP boost shoots as much as 100%! Your five skills entitled to the 100% boost is going to be highlighted in the actual interface. Note that if a number of of your 5 lowest skills is 99 as well as your Dungeoneering, Invention and/or Slayer tend to be between 99 as well as 120, the skill(s) using the 120 cap will qualify for the boost, except using rare cases your own higher-capped skills are from the same level.

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    The recent release of the third-party client, OSHD, has sparked lots of discussion within the city. We'd like to deal with the situation along with OSHD, and discuss our stance about the client. We’d prefer to thank you for the patience whilst conversations were happening, both internal as well as external. Our priority is to ensure we protect a person, our players, in addition to our own rational property. Such a sizable decision could not be produced overnight. We won't be approving OSHD. It's in our needs to be as transparent along with you as we are able to, and so I’ll share a few of the substantial reasons why this is the situation.


    One thing you’re already conscious of is the truth that the client simply isn't compatible with the bot detection techniques, there were several instances of macro bans within the weekend which really are a testament to which. I’ve seen some claims these bans were specific and I’d prefer to assure you this is absolutely false.


    The big question available is whether it’s feasible for the client to prevent triggering our robot detection. This might be done through 2 methods: either we make changes to the bot detection, or we tell them how to prevent triggering it.