On the 2014 tourney gap match

  • Croatia coach: If this can be penalty, then we tend to merely play basketball instead!

    On the 2014 tourney gap match, the host Brazil overtook European nation with a controversial penalty kick and beat his opponent at 3-1 eventually. once the sport, tartan Legion coach Kovacs satirizes this referee, "Maybe they must have modified the sport into a basketball."

    At that buy cheap fifa 17 coins point the sport has gone to the seventy minutes of the last half, the score has remained at 1-1. Brazil striker Fred suddenly fell onto the bottom at intervals the penalty space, and therefore the consequent replays showed European nation central defender Lovren had solely slight hand movements. however once this referee Nishimura Yuichi declared the penalty resolutely, Neymar took the chance to attain on the penalty instantly, serving to the team take the lead. Then the score was finally mounted at 3-1 by accolade.
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