Real Madrid Deny To Acquaint Zhanglinpeng

  • Real Madrid Deny To Acquaint Zhanglinpeng By Exchange Players

    The account that Hengda apostle ZhangLinPeng abutting Real Madrid on accommodation exposure fifa 17 points account, which has admiring common media attention, but ZhangLinPeng wish to accomplish his dream may not be so easy. According to the Spanish "Marca" appear that Real Madrid admiral accept denied introducing ZhangLinPeng yesterday.

    "Marca" acicular out in the article, according to China Central Television appear that Real Madrid is acceptable to acquaint Chinese apostle Zhang Linpeng and Zhang Linpeng has been block by several European clubs; in adjustment to accompany Real Madrid, he banned the allurement of added clubs .

    But then, "Marca" afflicted the subject, adage "Real Madrid admiral accept denied introducing this Chinese internationals amateur yesterday. But Chinese still talking about him will accompany Real Madrid in January." However, "Marca" did not acknowledge who the chief of Real Madrid is fifa 17 points.

    Subsequently, accession west Spanish media, "Economic Daily" quoted "Marca" bulletin acclaimed the angle that ZhangLinPeng exchanges Carvajal by Chinese media had fabricated can't appear true fifa 17 coins
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