Earning VC in NBA 2k17 MT Xbox One

  • eight rebounds and seven assists to NBA 2k17 MT Xbox One win the MVP award. Paul George had 41 points to lead all scorers, but the East couldn’t hang together with the high-powered West offense.Effectively, we’re here to aid. Just study this guide, and do what we tell you to, and you’ll be passing and dribbling and scoring through hoops in no time.

    Earning VC in NBA 2K17 could be a time consuming process. The currency is used to level up your player and get you new gear. Nicely it turns out that there are a couple of ways to get seemingly unlimited VC in My Career and My Park modes. So how do you get this VC you ask? Let’s start together with the My Career VC Glitch 1st.

    This one particular is pretty easy. Simply load up your My Career in NBA 2K17 set-up your games for Hall of Fame Difficulty and either 6 or 12 minute quarters. Subsequent, just load up your subsequent game.Once it loads up and you complete the tip-off, just simulate it towards the finish. The game is not supposed to NBA 2K17 MT PC reward you with VC, but apparently this glitch.