Basel out of the middle of the ball to the restricted

  • The first fifa 17 coins Steffen long-range outside the beam above. The first 50 minutes, Basel left out tactical corner, Janko header Gongmen top. 54 minutes, the restricted area in the left, Ozil stopped to the bottom line, then draw down the defensive back triangle to do, the middle of the Ivo than keep up with an empty door succeeded, 4-0, Arsenal continue to expand the lead.
     Basel out of the middle of the ball to the restricted area, after several passes after being blocked to the periphery, Tee kicker, Ossina firmly get the ball. The first 64 minutes, Basel out the right-sided corner to the frontier of the fifa 17 pc coins, Toulante - Zacha volley shot hit high. The first 65 minutes, Barranca foul received a yellow card, also sent to Arsenal before the field positioning the ball; 2 minutes later, Sanchez shot a direct shot, the ball hit the crossbar pop, Gabriel blank range was Wakelik confiscated.
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