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Check out the simple process to change password

As per the tech experts, it is always suggested to the users to regularly update their account details like password, to avoid login issues. And the same applies to the account. And for the users who are not aware of this process here, they will be provided with the simple steps that they can follow to ensure the security of their SBCGlobal account.

Steps to change password

For the password change process, the user needs to visit the official page of AT&T.

Now, the user is required to navigate to the login option.

After that, the user needs to provide the login details and click on the Login option.

Once logged in, the user is required to click on the Settings option and click on the Accounts option.

Further, in the account section, the user needs to select the change password option.

Then, the user is required to provide the current password and the new password that they wish to create for the account.

After all the changes are made, the user can simply click on the Save option and access their account using the new password.

Besides, if the user has any queries regarding SBCGlobal change password they can contact support for required help.

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